Mission & Vision

The Vision

The Vision of MSSS is to create a just society built on respect, dignity, justice and equity for all, where human rights are protected and valued. This vision is evolved from the development philosophy that the poor are the real owners of the land and they are to be placed at the centre of the development process enabling them to realise their full potential.

The Mission

The Mission of MSSS is to serve the poor, marginalized, unorganized sections of the society, through promoting and strengthening their community-based organizations, thereby enabling them to take responsibility for the situation, in order to enhance the creative potentials of the individuals and the groups, for action and change.

The Philosophy

The MSSS has internalized a holistic development philosophy that is people led and people based, where people are the subject and goal of development and not its means. Therefore, the role of the MSSS is that of a facilitator, motivating people to seek resolution through individual and collective action.